Living As Royalty



Topical Questions:

  1. Do you allow people to have the glory in conversations? Or is your story more important?
  2. Do you look to solve problems with people and not for people?
  3. Do you take joy in investing in people?
  4. Do you desire for people you invest in to be independent or even outgrow you?
  5. Do you look to equip and empower others as opposed to using and having power over others?
  6. Do you naturally respond with joy for others in their victories or blessings?
  7. Do you have a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses?
  8. Do you take full responsibility when you fail (without blaming others)?
  9. Do you have self control over your passions: eating, sleeping, spending, working, sexual desires?
  10. Is "Thank you Lord" your first response to a blessing, or is it "Look what I did"?
  11. Is "Thank you Lord" your first response to a trial, or is it "Why"?
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