Worship is More than Our Favorite Image of God


Isaiah 43.19

John 4.20-26

True worship from true worshippers in spirit and truth is more than:

  • Intimacy with God and yet is the place we are most intimate with Him
  • Obedience to God and yet requires unrestricted obedience
  • The power of God intervening in my life and yet His omnipotence is on full display in the midst of true worship
  • Being changed and yet it’s the actual place where and when actual sustainable transformation takes place in my life
  • His grace being sufficient and yet it’s the place of revelation that outside of Gods grace through Jesus, I am undone
  • Resting in the arms of Jesus and yet it’s the only place i find real rest for my soul
  • Being fired up or emotionally charged about Jesus and yet in true worship is where a fire burns so hot that it can’t be held in
  • The comradeship we find singing in harmony and yet it’s the place we find true family and a unifying place and purpose in life. True fellowship.
  • Being set free and yet it’s where i find complete deliverance from the enemy’s control in my life
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