02-05-2017 Kings Chosen, Changed, Capable, and Commissioned to Convey Christ’s Care to All


Mark 9.22-24

Ephesians 2.10 (Royalty)

Galatians 4.6-7

1 Peter 2.4 (Chosen)

2 Corinthians 3.18 (Transformed)

2 Corinthians 5.17

Hebrews 12.15 (Power)

Luke 12.48b (Authority)

Isaiah 61 (Purpose)

Key Statements

“Grace that doesn’t lead to holiness is not grace at all, but a twisted perversion of licentiousness.”

“To quench [The Holy Spirit] is to deny his power: to live as though God is incapable [of caring for you] and taking matters into your own hands.”

“To grieve [The Holy Spirit] is to reject his character; to live as though I am incapable of becoming any different than I am.”

“You are chosen, transformed royalty, with power and authority from God on high, who calls you his own, for his purpose: to be the love of God to all!”


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