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Hebrews 10.24

Luke 7.1-10

Job 1.8

Matthew 15.21-28

John 8.31-32

2 Corinthians 12.9

Isaiah 52.13-53.12

Luke 8.16

Matthew 5.14-16

John 14.6

Judges ch 6-9

Joshua 1.9


Key Statements

“When I come to God’s Word as truth, God’s Word will be filtered by my thoughts and history, and justify what I already believe. When I come to God’s Word as THE truth, God’s Word will filter all my thoughts and history, and I discard whatever does not line up with the Word.”

“Fear is simply faith in the wrong kingdom”

Spacial Disorientation:


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Galatians 4.19

John 4.1-34

John 6.38

John 8.28-29

Matthew 4.1-4

Romans 14.17

2 Timothy 2.15

Psalm 103.12

1 John 1.9

Proverbs 3.5-6

Colossians 3.15-16

Romans 8.14

John 10.27

1 Samuel 3.1-14

Proverbs 16.9

Genesis 22

Philippians 2.13


Key Statement

“Christians who hold to the written word alone, dry up. Christians who hold to the Spirit’s word alone, blow up. Christians who hold to both  Scripture and Spirit, grow up.”

Transformation Circle to Hearing God

  1. See and hear.
  2. Reflect and meditate.
  3. Explore and discuss.
  4. Adopt a Plan.
  5. Act on the plan.

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Mark 9.22-24

Ephesians 2.10 (Royalty)

Galatians 4.6-7

1 Peter 2.4 (Chosen)

2 Corinthians 3.18 (Transformed)

2 Corinthians 5.17

Hebrews 12.15 (Power)

Luke 12.48b (Authority)

Isaiah 61 (Purpose)

Key Statements

“Grace that doesn’t lead to holiness is not grace at all, but a twisted perversion of licentiousness.”

“To quench [The Holy Spirit] is to deny his power: to live as though God is incapable [of caring for you] and taking matters into your own hands.”

“To grieve [The Holy Spirit] is to reject his character; to live as though I am incapable of becoming any different than I am.”

“You are chosen, transformed royalty, with power and authority from God on high, who calls you his own, for his purpose: to be the love of God to all!”


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Laws of Reaping and Sowing

  1. We only reap what has been sown.
  2. We reap the same in kind that we sow.
  3. We reap in a different season than we sow.
  4. We reap more than we sow, in proportion to how much we sow.
  5. We only reap the full harvest if we persevere.
  6. We cannot change last year’s harvest, but we can humble ourselves, learn, and impact this year’s harvest.


Revelation 5.8-10

Galatians 6.7-8 (Law 1)

Hebrews 11.6

Ephesians 2.8-9

John 3.6

Matthew 12.34-35 (Law 2)

James 5.7-8 (Law 3)

Matthew 13.31-32 (Law 4)

James 3.5-6

Romans 8.37-38

Luke 6.38

Galatians 6.9-10 (Law 5)

Matthew 9.37-38



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1 Peter 2.9-10
Exodus 19.3-8
Deuteronomy 5/22-27
Revelation 4-5
Romans 10.10
Judges 17.6
Proverbs 26.16

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Romans 3.21-26

Colossians 2.6-8

Jeremiah 2.16

Revelation 1.4-8

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