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Eric brings a timely message dealing with the problem with evil and human authority. The foundation of the message is built on two often neglected truths: God is in charge, but not in control. And, God governs the world differently than the Church.


Matthew 28.18

Romans 13.1-7

John 14.27

Matthew 5.13-16

Matthew 6.22-23

Romans 13.8-14


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If you were a product, how would you describe your life? What word would you place on your box? How does this statement compare with what Jesus says about you–how he values you? Join us as we explore how we see ourselves, how Jesus sees us, and how Christ forms us into his image, likeness, and glory.


John 11

Luke 10.38-42

Matthew 13.44-46

Colossians 1.27

Isaiah 61.1-3

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