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For Father’s Day, Eric tackles the myth that we bear no responsibility in promoting someone else’s holiness or maturity. While God is the ultimate change agent in someone’s life, God often works through people. Listen in and discover four of the ways God wants to work in you, or through you, within your family and your fellowship.


Psalm 145.4

Deuteronomy 6.1-9

Matthew 5.23-24

Matthew 18.5-9, 10-15, 21-35

James 2.14-18

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Western Christianity holds onto many misconceptions about the relationship between the Old and New Testaments, or as it is often called, “Law vs. Grace.” Blake walks us through the Law vs. Grace and related myths to answer the important questions  What is the New Covenant? How does this New Covenant relate to the Old? What is the relationship between what we often call Law and Grace?


Revelation 4.4-11, 3.14-17

Jeremiah 31.31-34

2 Timothy 3.16-17

Ephesians 2.8-10

Romans 10.4; 4.1-4

1 Peter 1.19-20

John 14.21-26

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The reality of sin is hard for many to handle. People inside and outside the church often minimize sin through the mindset of “I am only human. I am supposed to sin.” Eric challenges this thought. In the Christian’s case, is sin a foregone conclusion? Can we excuse our sin so easily? What does God expect of us regarding His commandments and our sin? Eric tackles all these questions as he takes on the various myths surrounding our sin and our call to holiness.


Matthew 5.43, 48; 10.25; 19.21

James 1.4

Genesis 3.1, 13

Philippians 2.5, 8

Romans 12.3

1 Corinthians 13.6

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