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Matthew 6.24-34

Psalm 139.23-24

Psalm 51.17

Revelation 2.7, 10, 17, 26-27

Revelation 3.5, 12, 21

Revelation 12.11

Revelation 13.8-9



We are called to submit to God as the sole sovereign of our lives. Join us as we ask the hard question: what barriers exist in my life to God’s lordship? Yet we do not submit blindly or without hope. Jesus promises several things to those who cease from trying to serve two masters and serve him solely.

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2 Chronicles 16.9

Isaiah 53.4-5

Luke 4.18-19

Matthew 5.13-24;

Revelation 22.17

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1 Peter 2.11-12

John 1.6

Hebrews 12.1

2 Corinthians 3.14-18

Exodus 7.3, 9.34


Christians are called to be Christ’s ambassadors to the world. However, we often misunderstand our task. Are we called to beat the truth, and compliance into others, or be a reliable picture of Christ to those around us?

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1 Peter 1.13-21

Ephesians 4.22-32


Problem: Western culture throughly rejects biblical values–most notably values dealing with sexuality and valuing all forms of human life. The Church deals with diametrically opposed culture one of three ways.

Solution: One can conform, rebel, or speak out in grace and truth. We are called to respond gracefully and truthfully because we are obsessed with God and God’s world view. This obsession comes from spending time with Jesus and in His Word. It is a process.


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